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Company details:

Nimby Pest Wildlife Management

Company:Nimby Pest Wildlife Management
Address:4 Icknield Way Farm Cottages
Tring Road
Contact:Peter Tong
Telephone:01525 220 653 / 07958 669 706
Nimby Pest
Profile:Pest Control experts situated within Bedfordshire & we also covering Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire as well as North London. At NimbyPest we offer our services across all types of rural and agricultural concerns, including farms, small-holdings and stables. We work with you to meet your needs, either as a one-off job or by setting up a service agreement. Living and working in the rural environment, NimbyPest can offer tailor-made pest control solutions. The economic loss due to pest infestation is high. Where it is not possible to eradicate a particular pest species, pest control should be maintained on a regular basis to keep pest situations under control. Pests in the food, hospitality and retail industries are harmful to your staff, clientele and reputation. At NimbyPest, we can cater for all your pest solutions, from one-off jobs and small service agreements to yearly contracts. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to pests.
Category:pest & vermin control
pest control
Area scope:all
Related words:Beds

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Suite 101 Crystal House
New Bedford Road
Twenty Four telephone lines
01582 488385

01582 459776


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